Published by REUTERS in 01/04/2010

An unidentified hacker briefly hijacked Spain’s official website for its presidency of the European Union, inserting a large smiling picture of comic character Mr Bean, an official said on Monday.
The supposed resemblance of the bumbling slapstick character played by British actor Rowan Atkinson to Spain’s Socialist Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has been a running joke in Spain for years.Spanish web UE Bean
A recent edition of leading newspaper El Pais printed a cartoon depicting Zapatero as Mr Bean above an article critical of the government’s handling of the economy, in which unemployment has more than doubled to about 19 percent.
An official at Zapatero’s office confirmed a security breach had affected the page ( specially set up to mark Spain’s 6-month presidency of the EU but added that no information at the site had been affected.
Newspaper El Mundo published a screenshot of Mr Bean’s appearance on the official webpage of Mr Bean’s appearance on the official webpage , adding that the character had greeted visitors to the Spanish government site with a cheerful « Hi there! »

3 réponses à “Spain’s EU webpage hijacked by Mr Bean”
  1. NJHM dit :

    A ver el sr. Zapatero consigue, como primer presidente de la UE desde el tratado de Lisboa, convencer a los Europeos, a dar un rumbo coherente, unas lineas politicas y estrategicas que puedan resforzar la autoridad de Europa en un mundo bastante caotico. Con ese tip de chsites, empezamos mal !

  2. Hugo dit :

    I am not sure that it is a good and funny joke !
    All of us will easily understand that besides Zapatero, Spain is the real target : a medium country admired during 2 decades for its miraculous capacity of transformation and know who seems to recover a structural and historical wickness i Europe.
    But the real challenge for Europe is the image we all give to the rest of the World : competiveness, innovation abilities, standards of live, etc.
    A funny joke ? Are we sure about that ???

  3. Jean-Marie dit :

    « If you want your advice to be heeded, you need something credible to say. »


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