By Fernando MINEIRO – Portuguese expert in transportation, Lisbon – Portugal

Due to strategic errors the maritime traffic have been neglected in the late years, the development of better roads to connect the Spanish peninsula, gave the illusion that the country could live only from the European commerce. Now and due to the economic crisis everybody wants to develop “sea”. I don’t see a future here either, Portugal neglected to many years of development European funds and now there isn’t a magical formula to give a boost on their business.

Despite the figures demonstrate an increased on exportation, on the commercial balance, if we watch the “small figures” we will see that the road, sea and air traffic weights are decreasing, which means that on transport purposes we aren’t producing more, the increment is based on services provided (Tourism mainly).

Another error is the new political police for development, it’s a fact that Spain is on this moment trying very hard to maintain sea traffic, with smaller customs costs, more efficiency in port activities, and with a new European port in Galiza area, Portugal is trying to develop rail traffic with Spain and connect Sines port by rail to Europe through Spain. A major investment for the country size, which is doomed from the start, as Spain is developing now the train connection through the Mediterranean area, leaving the Estremadura area behind which means that the European line will stop in the Spanish border. Nevertheless nobody is paying attention to this which means that a few years from now someone will have to think again new development strategies to this sunny country.


3 réponses à “Portugal : An overview on the situation of Transportation”
  1. José DOS SANTOS M. dit :

    Triste pays ! une nouvelle vague d immigration se prepare pour les Portugais d aujourd’hui et leurs enfants. Mais pour aller ou cette fois ci ?? En France, en Allemagne ?
    Quelle tristesse de voir ce pays détourné par la gabegie, l’inefficacité, l’absence totale d’innovation alors que cela fait 40 ans que nous sommes en crise.
    L’EXPO de Lisbonne ….
    Je suis un patron d ‘une petite sté de transports a temperature dirigée à coté de Lyon. Je pense que ce pays aurait besoin de nettoyer 90% de ses dirigeants.


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