From European Commission website 13/09/12

On the occasion of the European Mobility Week (16-22 September 2012), the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) reaffirms its stance that a long-term commitment to invest in public transport is key to liberating our cities from congestion and encouraging the development of sustainable economies.

With around 80% of Europeans expected to be living in urban environments by 2020, public transport is essential for ensuring quality of life and delivering green growth. Encouraging a modal shift from private motorised modes to public transport will unblock gridlocked cities, lower energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Public transport also plays an important socio-economic role, allowing access to education, health services and economic activities, allowing them to function properly whilst providing all social classes with a form of mobility that is affordable, clean and pleasant.

“This year’s European Mobility Week highlights the importance of relieving congestion, improving quality of life and providing sustainable and fluid mobility solutions in our cities,” said UITP Secretary General, Alain Flausch. “We are convinced that public transport, which is both environmentally friendly and socio-economically beneficial, is ideally placed to meet the challenges of increasing urbanisation in the coming years.”

The public transport sector has been working tirelessly in recent years together with other ‘soft modes’ (eg. car or bike sharing) to provide a more complete offering to customers and lifestyle services to ensure seamless urban mobility. “In order to achieve this there needs to be a firm legal framework; integrated urban planning; political will; priority to public transport and ‘soft modes’ as well as innovative IT solutions for public transport operation, customer information and ticketing,” Mr. Flausch added.

“There are many positive examples around the world and the cities taking part in the European Mobility Week are good examples of the willingness to work towards this objective.”

UITP have recently released a document on the future of urban mobility, outlining solutions that are transforming 21st Century mobility. To download the document, click here.



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