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“We cannot understand how you can end up in prison just for selling things on the streets. Surviving is not a crime,” says Khalifa Clandestino, a worker, organiser and artist in Barcelona.

Manteros Barcelone 31/12/2015 - Photo Nicolas Rogier

Manteros Barcelone 31/12/2015 – Photo Nicolas Rogier

Originally from Senegal, Khalifa works with Tras La Manta(‘Behind the cloth’ in English, which refers to the fabric on which they lay their merchandise), a collective of workers and activists that helps migrant street vendors to fight for their right to work.

However, it is not considered an official trade union because most of its members do not have the legal right to live or work in Spain.

Street vending without an allocated pitch is illegal in the country, yet in Barcelona, a few hundred manteros have no Lire la suite »

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