Published in LUXEMBURGER WORT, 21 April, 2017

by Steve Hoscheit

Most people know of Luxembourg as a financial powerhouse. Some know it for its international profile and as the seat of many European institutions. For others, it is one of the countries taking the lead on space-mining initiatives.

But few people are aware that Luxembourg has actually developed into quite an important player in the logistics sector. The small country is ranked second on the World Bank’s international benchmark for logistics performance (LPI), with a score of 4.22, just behind industrial heavyweight Germany (4.23).

source Luxembourg BusinessLuxembourg’s government is pushing logistics as one of five prioritised areas, covering ICT, space technologies, health science and technologies, and eco-technologies.

The digital natives

The continued success of Luxembourg’s logistics sector will be assured by the so-called « digital natives », according to Mathias Weinmann. Weinmann and his colleague Johannes Hesse co-founded the Young Professional Logistics Luxembourg (YPL2) network, a company and sector network looking to connect young professionals. (…)

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